Request a Patreon Workshop

Today we ran an intro workshop to the Google Analytics and Patreon integration. I’d love to make these a monthly thing so what do you want to learn?

Some ideas suggested already include:

  • Paid discovery: adwords on Google, Facebook ads
  • Social media: marketing, promoting, tools
  • Community management: strategies for encouraging engagement
  • more Patreon product deep dives

reply with any suggestions and <3 the ones you would want to see too :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in both paid discovery and social media.


thanks @ScienceMom! Are you thinking a basic intro or are there specific parts of those areas you’d like to learn more on?

How to get more patrons :slight_smile:

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any method, strategy or avenue in particular @thisguyedits?

how about live case studies where you pick 2 or 3 patreon sites and analyze them for best practices, what’s they are doing well, what they are not doing well, how they can improve


I would be interested in community management & increasing engagement.


would love the proper way to use adwords n facebook ads.
would be nice to get on the next level of growth.

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I would love any of the ones suggested! And also, specifically:

  • Setting up Facebook ad pathways that lead to Patreon/patronage.
  • Social media best practices in terms of promoting Patreon content. What works best? Screenshotting a post and linking? Direct links (which yield the teaser thumbnail)? Videos of where the content is publicly viewable (e.g. YouTube or Facebook music video) but with a link to join Patreon?
  • Encouraging engagement from patrons and non-patrons? I’m also really interested in followers. I only very recently noticed that I have a lot of followers on Patreon (I don’t think I get notifications for this, so it was a surprise), and I wonder how followers in particular can be primed to join one day?
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