Request: Ability to add files (PDFs, etc) to messages


I would love to attach PDF files to messages I sent to my patrons. This would allow me to send them rewards directly very easily.

At the moment, I have to copy their email address and send from my email client, which creates more work. It could be so easy, if I could just attach files within the Patreon messaging platform.

Could this feature be set up soon? Unless of course, there is a way to do it, but I haven’t figured it out…

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This feature would be great, though I wonder if they haven’t due to requiring more storage.

I upload content to my dropbox and link the files there through PM’s that way. Unsure if that might help you but I find it simpler than hunting down emails and such.


i bet the storage would be the biggest hurdle for this feature, yeah.

i also use a dropbox link and just send that to my patrons thru the patreon messaging system. for me, it makes it much faster, and it’s only one extra click for them. plus they can pick and choose which files to download from dropbox instead of theoretically having to download a huge folder thru patreon.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, @CosmicSpirit! I’ll bookmark this and share with the team. :slight_smile:


Remember, DropBox can see and access every file you upload, and scans files for content of which they do not approve. The same is true for Google Drive and OneDrive. That’s why I use, which is encrypted end-to-end, and Sync cannot read any of the files. It works great for my Patrons.

I’ve never had an issue but that a good reminder. Dropbox has worked for me but there are lots of similar services and folks host files off their own site hosting too if they have it. My suggestion wasnt meant to pigeonhole, just offer a suggestion. As with most things, there are options. Look at what works the best for you.

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It’s a very important point for adult content creators.

Great idea - allowing the messenger to send images would also be really helpful.