Request: Better Post Metrics

I’d love to have better data about how patrons are/aren’t engaging with the rewards I send out. Right now all we have are “likes” and comments on posts, but I’d really love to know things like:

How many patrons view the posts?
How many patrons open the emails that Patreon sends with each post?
How many patrons download and listen to the bonus audio that goes out in their custom RSS feeds?

As a creator, one of the biggest things I struggle with is making sure that rewards are both interesting and fun for patrons, and not too much of a time suck for me. For example, if very few people are actually listening to the bonus podcast episodes, that lets me know that maybe I should change them up somehow! Without knowing how many patrons are actually engaging with the rewards this is a harder calculation to make.

Would love to see more data to help us really fine tune the rewards and what our supporters are connecting most with.



I totally agree with this! We have the same concerns about how many people are actually seeing or listening to the bonus content. Some of the bonus audio that we produce takes some work, and we have no idea how many patrons (if any!) are listening, especially at our higher tiers.


I have asked for download counts many times. Please please please… :pray:t2:


Thank you so much for this feature request, @rose.eveleth! We completely understand that knowing how your benefits are received can be important for knowing if your patrons are happy. I have passed this request on and encourage other creators to contribute saying how important this would be.


Yes! Have an idea of downloads, email open rates and post views would be huge. As @rose.eveleth said it would make a big difference knowing if the audio rewards are being listened to. It would make it easier to decide if we need to change up rewards or communicate things better or stay the course.