Request: click patron name, go to Relationship Manager

I just got an e-mail saying “Richard White sent you a message that says blah blah blah”.

I want to see what’s going on with this guy.

I clicked “Richard White” in the e-mail message, and it took me to this page:

That’s completely useless. All it says is that he’s my patron, and the only things I can do there are message him or block him. I already know he’s my patron, if I wanted to message him I’d do it from the existing thread, and I’m trying to research not block.

So I tried clicking the “View Message” to open the message thread, and clicked “Richard White” there. Same thing. I can’t find any way to click from the message to the guy’s actual information.

Can those links (the person’s name in the message view and in the e-mail notification of the message) be changed to bring up Richard White in Relationship Manager? That’s where the useful information is. It has the exact same information and options as the other page (message, block, that he’s my patron), PLUS his payment history, e-mail address, “additional details”, and so on.


P.S. If it would be quicker, it would be OK to put a button to “View Patron” or something on the bad page that would open him in relationship manager. But it would be better if the links just went there directly. It would also be OK if that only happened for patrons who message me, and if non-patrons message me then the link could still go to the current page (since they’re not in relationship manager).

This does seem like an odd bit of UX! You’re expecting clicking his name to take you to the patron in your Relationship Manager, not his public profile. I like your idea of the work around too! Let me share this with the team and get back to you.

Great idea!!!