Request: Image Gallery/Photo Album/Image folders!

Can we get a photo album or folders for the image posts?

Forget billing, give us the features that will make creator distribution and patron navigation more organized/efficient!!

Be able to move images in and out of folders. Patrons can easily swipe through images and posts.
idk how the UI/layout would look but you guys are smart.

Please give us something like this.


I second this! It would be epic to have a way for Patrons to interface better and navigate content that has been created into a usable archive, rather than a scroll & tag search - which works okay… but I’ve lost many patrons because it’s too hard for them to find past content/classes/imagery I’ve created.

yes to folders! yes to nesting things within things! yes to a visual map/menu of the content we create!
yes to allowing patrons to save favorites, or bookmark posts to come back to!


Been asking this for 4 years!

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Hi all! Sherene from the Patreon product marketing team here.

I posted an update earlier today which is relevant to this request. Your feedback in this area is very much appreciated as we are now actively looking into how to streamline content organization on Patreon.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.