Request: Image Gallery/Photo Album/Image folders!

Can we get a photo album or folders for the image posts?

Forget billing, give us the features that will make creator distribution and patron navigation more organized/efficient!!

Be able to move images in and out of folders. Patrons can easily swipe through images and posts.
idk how the UI/layout would look but you guys are smart.

Please give us something like this.


I second this! It would be epic to have a way for Patrons to interface better and navigate content that has been created into a usable archive, rather than a scroll & tag search - which works okay… but I’ve lost many patrons because it’s too hard for them to find past content/classes/imagery I’ve created.

yes to folders! yes to nesting things within things! yes to a visual map/menu of the content we create!
yes to allowing patrons to save favorites, or bookmark posts to come back to!


Been asking this for 4 years!

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