Request: Multiple Sign Ins!

Hey, team! I love patreon and think that it’s so valuable… which means I have three different patreon accounts! This might be a small workflow thing but it’s a bit of a nightmare having to constantly log out of one account, type in the new email/password, do a thing, log out, and continue the cycle.

I’d love if we could be signed in to more than one account or could toggle between different accounts! :sunflower:


You might be able to achieve the same goal with ‘private browsing’ where individual tabs in your browser do not communicate with each other. I haven’t tried it, but in Firefox you do this with ‘New Private Window’. I only have one account, so can’t test it, but it works with other sites.

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I agree. I have multiple accounts as well.

(In the mean time, if this helps you, I use different browsers on my computer and have them logged in to different things so I can open one and have everything about job A opened, open the other and everything about job B opened so it’s a lot quicker than using one browser and constantly logging in and out. Some browsers also have extensions/addons that can do this within one browser as well, or so I’m told, none have worked for me xD )


This works for me as well. I use Firefox for my Patron account, and Safari for my Creator account.

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