Request to change banner presentation

Currently (on the desktop website) when you run a campaign and you post a banner there is a big block of text which overlaps the banner that says who you are and what you’re creating.

That’s great, it’s right at the top where it needs to be, but the issue is the text blocks the banner, and on some resolutions this can create issues.

For instance, on my screen at a normal native resolution, my groups campaign looks like this:


Which is fine, but there is an issue with overlap on the subtitle. We could design around this and fix it, but on mobile the whole banner shows up fine and looks nice.

However the worse issue is that on a smaller screen the campaign banner can look like this:


This overlaps the entire title of our game. I feel like this could be fixed by just moving the text off of the banner and putting it below. There are other fixes that could be done, but I really think the banners for our campaign should be able to use the space available so we can make them look nice, or at the very least have designated non-safe areas so the entire middle of our banner won’t be taken up by text on small screens.

If there were an option to just turn the text itself off, that would work too. All of that information is plastered on other places in the campaign, including the title.


Thank you! I shared this feedback with the design team. They have been thinking about this as something for the future, but I don’t have a timeline on a fix or update.

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