Requesting suggestions for writer's retreat

I will be taking time off from my day-job to have a private writer’s retreat to create content for Prevail.

I’ve been thinking about where to go and how long to stay. I’d welcome suggestions.

I have miles and points enough from day-job travel that I could get free flight, train, hotel, car rental. I’d just have to fund meals, so maybe a week or less is feasible.

I’m near Raleigh, NC, and preference is to head northward (I don’t want to visit someplace hotter than NC).


This is such a good question and good idea. I hope the time away gives you a chance to relax and enjoy some good writing time.

Maybe too if you stay in one of the hotels that have a kitchenette you could do some meals there. If you have hotel points, it might be good to see where you can get the most bang for your buck. I know that depending on the location you might get more/less space. Do you want to be someplace urban or more isolated?

Tell us more and we can help come up with some ideas!

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Sure. I have considered remaining near home to have meals at home with the kids, but I know that might also lead to childcare expectations which would deter my writer’s retreat. In consideration of that, I’d prefer to use rewards for a train or car trip to Washington DC or New York. I like East coast cities, but I need to spend time writing rather than touring. I’m comfortable in large cities and getting around by subway or metro, so I could have little snippets of touring without losing chunks of the day.

I don’t know if there are any creator meetings going on over the summer that I could attend outside my immediate area. It would be nice to share the trip or a portion of.

I want to visit somewhere energetic and urban to ensure lots of options of dining and plenty of local parks. Those are both traits of DC and NYC that I’m already familiar with. I’ve had several projects from my day-job that send me there.

I’d like to visit Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Wilmington again. I haven’t been back for quite a while at each of those cities, and those are within reach using Amtrak. However, with only a week or less to spend away, I’m concerned I need to pick one city to get work done rather than spending time in transit. I already know I don’t get writing done on flights or trains, and I cannot write while driving. So, a road trip or rail journey is a poor choice to get the most of the retreat.