Responding to your feedback and feature request threads + a new way to submit Patreon feature requests (October 2021)

Hi everyone.

This post is thorough and detailed, so here is a TL;DR summary of the two key takeaways:


1. The Patreon team has read through all of the feedback we’ve received in these three Feedback sections of this forum and will be responding over the coming weeks.

2. We’re launching a new way for creators to submit feature requests directly on and will be regularly sharing updates summarizing what we hear from creators on the official Patreon creator community Discord server and in our Product Newsletter.

Read on for more details -

In the coming days (and weeks) there will be a lot of activity here in the “Patreon Feedback” Category and its “Feedback” and “Feature Request” subcategories in the Patreon Community forum and I want to share a little bit about what is happening and what to expect.

Over the last few months (since I joined the Patreon team this past June!) I’ve been working with our Product Marketing team to collect all the feedback creators have shared here in the forum and organize it so that it can be turned into influential, and in some cases, actionable updates to your experience on Patreon. Part of this work also included identifying posts and threads made here that we can share updates on in replies. Soon you’ll start to see lots of activity here from various members of the Patreon team, including posts from our product marketing managers to help answer questions, to acknowledge your feedback, and where possible, to share some information on what’s to come.

There are a lot of moving pieces that go into making Patreon and not all feature requests or product changes can be actioned on right away, or even at all. In some cases, questions or suggestions require research that can take time to conduct before a reply or additional information can be shared. Whether your specific comment receives a direct reply or not, it’s important to note that if you’ve posted in this forum any time up until now we have collected your input and have shared it with our team to help influence the future of Patreon and understand your needs the best we can.

It’s important that our team reply to you, acknowledge what you’ve shared here, and provide insight where they can. We know it’s been difficult to not hear from Patreon staff regularly regarding product/feature requests and we want to take steps with a project like this to address posts and share what we can. In terms of expectation setting, it’s important to note that the Patreon team may not have answers to every question, and some of their answers may not be satisfactory to everyone. For example, it’s difficult to give concrete timelines on product related changes/features because timelines are constantly changing or being adjusted for all sorts of reasons.

In addition to noting creator feedback here and on the Patreon Discord, we have also been using the results of Patreon’s Community & Education Creator Survey to help guide us on what creators want and need out of our online spaces, so future updates to this space are in the works and will be shared once ready.

To help keep conversation organized and up-to-date, some threads here will be closed after they are replied to by Patreon staff. This is being done to keep feedback manageable and easier to track. It is most difficult, for instance, to respond to and catalog threads with various feature requests and hundreds of comments, versus a thread posted with a focused conversation topic, so for that reason we will specifically aim to close out old discussions and encourage new threads to be made as needed. I want to reiterate that everything shared in this forum has been read and cataloged, so if you do not see a reply or continued conversation on a specific request, please know that is not an indicator that the request isn’t being considered or that that feedback is not being shared.

Here are some community best practices that we ask you to adhere to while using this forum, and especially within the Product Feedback category:

  • Please be kind and respectful - to Patreon Staff and to fellow creators posting in this community alike.

  • Stay on topic of each thread when replying, and stay within the topic of each forum Category (or sub-category).

  • On threads centered around feature requests or product feedback, please keep conversation as focused to one feature or request as possible. Feel free to create a brand new thread if you’d like to talk about a new feature request or if you’d like to have a side conversation that’s off topic from the original thread.

  • Please listen to Patreon Staff, our Moderators, if they close a discussion it’s an acknowledgement of processing your feedback. You may create a new thread if you have additional discussion or thoughts to share, but please do not create new threads simply because a previous one was locked. Staff may take moderation action on threads and/or posts that do not adhere to these community guidelines at their discretion in order to maintain the productive, safe use of this forum for the Patreon community, as well as to help organize the cataloging of feature requests here for this project.

Some good news, as a result of learnings from this community and other creator input:

We’re launching a new way to submit feature requests directly to our team on

Through this project we’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for creators, and for the team in how we process and collect your feedback. With that, we want to make it easier for you to not only share your thoughts with Patreon, and we want to make it easier for our team to collect, process, and review all the ideas you’re sending our way.

That is why we have built, and are sharing with you, a new Feature Request form directly in Patreon, when you’re signed into your creator account. Think of this as a direct line to our Product team, without having to leave the site or create an account elsewhere (like this forum). You can now share feature requests through the What’s New (and soon to be renamed “Creator Resources”) pop-up tab in your Creator Dashboard.

Through this form you can share a feature request or feedback and it’ll go directly to the Patreon team, where together we’ll review and analyze the submissions regularly, incorporating them with what we hear from other creator feedback channels (like research sessions, surveys, support tickets, within our creator community online spaces like this forum and Discord, and social media, to name a few). We designed this flow to make sure creators have a convenient way to send in feature requests and in such a way that is systemized to help us collect and analyze them more quickly.

We’ll be sharing updates regularly on what feedback creators are submitting, so stay tuned to the Updates category for more info soon. We’re dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s and will share more details as soon as they’re ready.

Also, if you haven’t heard yet, our Product team just launched a brand new newsletter to share updates and upcoming news about features, our apps, and a whole lot more. This newsletter will be evolving to meet creators’ needs so you can expect to hear more from our product team and the feedback you’re sharing with us there as we adapt it to share all the great things that we’re cooking up. You can read more about the newsletter, here:

We know we have a lot of catch up to do with communication here in the forum, and we thank you for your patience, your feedback and your drive to help make Patreon the best it can be for you, and for other creators. There’s a lot of great things to come this year, and early next, and we’re excited to let you know more about what the team has been up to as we can. In the meantime, stay tuned.

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