Restructuring Establised rewards

@neil brought up that he’s been running his Patreon for many years, and that restructuring old rewards to include new special offers will be complicated. I wanted to open up this thread to discuss some more nitty-gritty details when it comes to re-inventing old habits. Are there any writers out there who have tried unique approaches to benefits or run specific promotions?

I am not sure this belongs here, but seems like it might. So I have added this Special Offer to my $15 and above Tiers - Restructuring it. I charge up front. If someone goes there now who is already at a $5 a month level, they are charged $10 immediately. What if they want to go back to the $5 a month? It says now that they will be charged $15 again on October 1st. So would they wait a few days and then change their monthly back to $5? Would they be better to do it on Oct 1. I think if they get charged $10 now and $15 on Oct 1, they might not be so happy with me. Thoughts?

In the past I’ve just told my patrons that “x change will help me in x way and I need that to do better and continue to grow”

and I’ve change things around 3x now and I think I lost one $1 patron in total, and even then, it’s hard to say if that’s related.

Hi @visionarymusic - if a patron changes their pledge to $15 for the month, they’ll need to change back to five before the first of October :-). It’s a little manual, but they would keep the content through the end of the month until they bump down to the $5 tier.