Reward Picker Software

Hi, I’m thinking of introducing a reward level whereby patrons can receive original artwork.

What I would like to do is have a grid of pictures they can look at. When they choose one, then it becomes unavailable to the rest - a bit like a store but without the payment and that links me clearly so I know who has chosen what.

I could adapt a wordpress store, but I just know that I’d end up with emails and messages that don’t relate to patrons email and names :frowning:

Any ideas anyone?

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Hey @shoorayner, great idea! Making physical reward fulfillment easy is something we’re working hard at addressing at Patreon. In the meantime, I might suggest checking out our partnership with Shopify, which makes it possible to offer patrons discounts (up to 100%) off merchandise from your online store.

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nice to hear patreon is working on this feature!

I think I’ve worked it out. I already use Wordpress and Ecwid. I found this link today which looks like it will do everything I want - bar connect to Patreon names and addresses

If there’s something you want to do with your Patreons that seems to be outside the scope of Patreon at the moment, one way of achieving this is by using their API:

Depending upon exactly what you needed & your resources, you can hire someone (i use to make it for you and then integrate it with the API. It would likely involve having a separate server/web host, but the customization is there for nearly anything.

One of the primary ways their API works is by having your Patreons log into their Patreon account on your server using “Oauth”…same technology those “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Google” buttons use. When they log into your custom server/app/whatever successfully with the Patreon Oauth API, their Patreon information (such as name, email, everything else, and most importantly…pledge tier) is passed to your server. Using this information, you can choose to display things or not display things…or really do anything you want.

It gets quite technical and, as I mentioned before, you’d likely have to hire someone to help you unless you’re experienced with that type of stuff.