Reward % Process

I think it would be nice to have this kind of thing to tell your supporters how much you have processed on their rewards. As example, I’m a creator who offers 4 comic pages every month.


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Hey @Sify, thanks for this feature request! This is a new one for me to see, I’d love to learn more about where this comes from. Do patrons ask you a lot about this kind of thing a lot? Or do you see it more as a marketing tool?

That got into my mind because at every start of the month, I don’t have nothing finished yet. And some patrons ask me where are their rewards. So I have to tell them that i’m still working on the rewards and it would be nice to show them how is the progress of each one, so they can be more calm and don’t think i’m scamming them.

Also it looks pretty, haha.

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