Rewards info captured at sign-up stage: eg t-shirt size/colour and credits etc

Hey everyone @Patreon, love your work thank you so much! This is a suggestion for an improvement which I know will make Creators’ lives SO much easier. We’ve been using Patreon now for 3 years and this is by far my single-biggest request for improvement. So please hear us out!

Currently we have no option to gather any Reward info at sign-up: we only have the option of asking for a new Patron’s postal address - but that’s all the info we can get.

It would be so helpful if we could also have the option to edit Tiers so we can ask new Patrons for other details, such as what size and colour T-shirt they want; or what their preferred producer credit is.

Right now, I have to manually send a message or email every single time a new Patron signs up for one of these rewards tiers, asking them to specify their t-shirt size/colour and preferred credit.

It’s a nightmare because guess what - half the time I don’t get a response!! If they replied, it would be okay, I guess - but most of the time people do not respond at the first contact. So I have to follow-up - sometimes more than once. And in some cases, people miss out on their rewards entirely. This is a huge waste of time and energy.

This could all be avoided, if Patreon could please add a simple option for us to add additional questions in the Reward Tier window, requesting all the info we need from new Patrons at the sign-up stage. Not just the postal address, but also other details for the most common requests, eg t-shirt size, credits, and potentially even customisable details so that we can tweak the questions at sign-up to suit our specific needs.

Please please please consider making this change to your sign-up form!

Thanks for all your amazing work Patreon!


Hey @thejuicemedia, welcome to the forum! Thank you so much for making this request as I’m sure it’s one other creators have tackled with. I will bring it up with the product team so they can consider it amongst other feature requests.


TYSM Mindy, that would be terrific! :pray::fist:


@thejuicemedia This is a great suggestion and something we have been looking for as well. In the mean time, this may help you out. We have been doing t-shirts and sweatshirts for a couple of our tiers. To gather sizes I have specifically left instructions in the tier description to add a size in with their names (we only have one color but that could be included as well). So for example:
Alix Kreder (S)
If they don’t leave a size, we have specifically stated that a large will be sent. We have had very few people get back to us complaining they didn’t get the size they wanted. Has worked pretty well so far.
Hope this helps and here’s to hoping Patreon can incorporate something a bit more user friendly!
Thank you @mindy for passing this on to the product team.


Yeah Alix - am really hoping Patreon @mindy will introduce this change - it shouldn’t be too hard to do and would make life so much easier!

Thanks for the work-around suggestion - that’s clever! It’s not really practical for us, as we also give Patrons the choice of different color tshirts, and also producer credits - which are sometimes different to the Patron’s actual name). But still, that’s a good fix while we wait for a proper solution :slight_smile:


This is a great suggestion/idea!

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