RSS- Ability to backdate to add in older podcast episodes or bulk upload older episodes?

Feature request???

Since the patreon RSS only goes back to when we started using it, I need a way to add in earlier podcast episodes. This is something patrons keep asking for…and as I try to embrace the idea of this being a membership platorm, the ability for the RSS feed to have all of my archived episodes has become a MUST have.

Is this a feature that is possible now or being worked on?

Other podcasters, would being able to add older shows to your RSS be a feature that would help make patrons happy?


I just came to the forum today to search if anyone else was having this issue. Would really like this capability, as people who subscribe via the patreon rss would like to have everything in one place, rather than having to subscribe to the patreon rss as well as the main rss.


Yeah, this may be a thing only clear to podcasters but so essential. Having listeners subscribed to two rss feeds can be confusing for those people who are less tech savvy.

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