Running my first Special Offer!

Hi folks!
Just started my first special offer this week. Actually it’s my second, but the first one was enamel pins BEFORE the special offer thing was possible here on Patreon, so that was very successful. This one I am offering a signed print and a sticker to anyone joining at $10 and up.
So far I’ve had a few new patrons last month (I also did a revamp of my tiers, removing some things and adding others). I will be interested to see if a print will be any incentive for anyone or if it has to be something a bit more unusual like an enamel pin. If people want to buy this print off me, normally it would cost them £35, so it’s a big old bargain!

Any tips from people who have run them would be welcome! I’m just generally advertising it all over social media although I think at the moment I might be in a ‘maximum patrons’ kind of situation. Who knows!
You can see my page here

I’ll report back when it finishes on the 16th!


So cool! Just became a Patron. Good luck!


Thank you SO much Kayla!! Welcome to the community! :grinning:


Good luck! I ran a special offer back in September and had a good experience with it - I found that I added new patrons, existing patrons upgraded and I had a little aftershock effect the next month (more new patrons than usual in the following month). I’m starting to get my act together to launch my second Special Offer, was digging around on the boards and found your post.

Your art is beautiful! I wish you lots of success in your special offer!!


Thank you Rebecca!! Sorry, I only just saw t his message now! It ended today and I did get a few new patrons! I just hope they will stick around for a while!

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Ok so the special offer finished today! It went amazingly well!

I decided to do a giveaway for an A4 print and a sticker. I’m now thinking maybe I should have gone for just the print, but hey, I think it gave something cute to add to the not cute print!

They were both available for anyone at the $10 or up tiers. (A tier where they get an A5 print every other month as well as an enamel pin on the first month of their pledge).

I’m SO pleased with this!! I hope that similarly to the last ‘special offer’ I did when I did enamel pins that most folks will end up staying. However it is a higher tier for people to stay at so I don’t mind if they reduce it (i’d rather get more folks in and keep them than they stay for one month and bugger off!).

The cost of the prints and stickers was £62 so the $84 JUST about covers it (converts to around £67). If they stick around it will pay for itself easily with profit. I had 41 patrons at the $10 and up tiers to fulfil the special offer to.

Here is my pledge growth since I started:

My next ‘goal’ is $1400 per month, I can’t believe how close I am to 1k! I wish the dollar was stronger against the pound though! I lose a lot of it through VAT unfortunately.

I will definitely run another special offer and next time make it more organised (I did this last minute as I am so busy with work but wanted to get it in now rather than later in the year). I will most likely try one maybe next February as then that will leave a couple of months until my Kickstarter that I will be running April next year (I’m running my second KS this year too for a calendar at end of sept).

SO, all in all I think it’s totally worth it.


Congrats! Love the analysis afterward.


AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing this @artbyemilyhare, and congratulations on the success! You are SO CLOSE to hitting the $1k, we believe in you 100%.


Thank you!! Yeah it went really well and I had a couple of patrons join after it finished too! One on my new $20 tier as well which I was thinking might not be attractive to anyone LOL. YAY!
@mindy I Hope I can keep the upward habit for a while and that I don’t lose too many who have joined!


That’s fantastic to hear, well done! I’ve as yet to do a Special Offer as well (I’m a wildlife artist), but with around 100 $10 tier level member, it would be quite costly to sent as you say an A5 print to everyone, especially abroad (I’m in the UK as well). I wonder how I could do this without the £3+ per postage costs. I feel I must offer my current patrons the same thing as well.
It’s tricky one I know but I do have a lot to learn about this side of things. Thank you for sharing how well this went. :slight_smile:


Yeah I am not making money on the first send off! If they stay for the second month then it is fine and covers it. I’ve covered costs on this but all the ones who stay the second month (so far so good) mean it will go into profit. I see it as an investment to do a special offer.

I would like patreon to make it so that we can cap the special offer to numbers not just time frame. I would like to be able to offer an original to maybe 5 people, but can’t do it like that at the moment. I hope they change it because it would be an easy thing to change. Same goes for the benefits system, i want them to change it so that i can set rewards to be every two or three months (or any number of months) rather than either once a month or one off.



Why not suggest that as a features request in a new thread?


Good idea! I have suggested it many times on many threads, but will do so again!