Sales Tax Settings are Live

On May 6th we let you know that Patreon is being required by law to add sales tax to more patron pledges from July 1st 2020. As part of that announcement, we promised to provide settings which will allow creators to give a lot more detail about what patrons are getting as part of their membership.

Today we’re letting you know that these new Sales Tax Settings are now live, and we’re encouraging all creators to take some time to make full use of them. By giving us more detail about what’s in each of your tiers, it gives you a lot more control over how sales tax will be applied to your membership and potentially save your patrons money on sales tax.

Click here to start the guided walk through. If possible, we recommend going through these changes on a laptop or computer, not a mobile device, to ensure you can see our pointers along the way.

To help guide you through every step of the settings, here are some more resources:


If you can’t attend a live workshop and walkthru of the settings, you can see a demo of the settings in the video below: