Save draft as default button

Could you make “Save Draft” the default of the “Publish Now” button? Or create an autosave function? I sometimes forget to save drafts and would find this very useful.


This has been requested before. I definitely want this too. Those extra two clicks to constantly save the draft can be nagging, not to mention having accidentally published early before since I misclicked x/


Definitely annoying. I’ve taken to not drafting in the post editor at all. I write all of my content through Google Drive and then when it’s done, copy/paste insert images if needed and then queue up. That way I don’t accidentally early publish or forget to save.

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This has been requested MANY times over the years, and they refuse to do it for some reason they won’t explain. Maybe @reyna can get to the bottom of it? This would be a really EASY and HELPFUL change to make!

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at the very least for the love of all creators, make the SAVE DRAFT button a different color than the PUBLISH IMMEDIATELY button!


I write my posts in google docs, and then cut and paste. I’ve lost posts to patreon glitching or me forgetting to save a copy before I’m done.

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I just had an instance, and I’ve had it several times before, where I was logged out while making a post. Luckily nothing was lost, I could make a new tab and re-login, then copy and paste everything over, but insane to me that this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Once is unlucky, several is poor design.

An autosave could’ve helped there, or a way to re-login on the same page without refreshing (and losing my draft) would be nice too.

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