Scheduled Posts Not Posting?

This morning when I woke up my scheduled post was 45 minutes late and still hadn’t posted; I had to post it manually. I thought this was a me-specific fluke but another of my Creator peers mentioned having the same problem.

Anyone else? What’s up?


Yep! Something happened on our end, the team is looking into the issue as we speak. I won’t have more of an update for a while.


Your scheduled post is not done processing.
I keep getting this message via email and as it states my scheduled posts are not being released. Any ideas why this is happening? I use Vimeo but many of the video I have scheduled were uploaded to Vimeo weeks ago and have rendered/ processed ok and specified for viewing on Patreon, the previous months videos worked fine the same way.

It’s a good job the emails are coming through from Patreon about this, otherwise I would have big issues from my members on my channel due to my promises to provide the content they pay for.

Hope you can advise,

Hey @TheDevonArtist, I can confirm that we had some issues with our API on Friday-Saturday that might have impacted Vimeo uploads. If you’re still having problems, and for issues like this in the future, please write into the Patreon Support team so they can assist you directly. Thanks!

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