Scraping posts using the API?

My team & I are developing a launcher for a gaming project, and we planned to utilize the Patreon API to display posts from the project’s Patreon. We’ve had no success with this, however, and are in need of help.

We’re aware that the API is “no longer maintained”, but we thought we could implement this functionality because the documentation features post scraping specifically. This documentation has proven inaccurate in our case.

Has anyone successfully scraped posts via the API? And if so, how did you do it?

Thank you in advance, and all the best.

Patreon WordPress (the official plugin) syncs posts from Patreon to WP sites in about ~4000+ sites since a long while. You can check its code for an example implementation. Specifically:

fetch_posts and fetch_posts in api class and…

The content sync class which syncs the posts using the fetch_post(s) calls. Webhook implementation for posts is in…

It supports add/update/delete events.

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Thanks a ton for this reply. I really appreciate it!