Search Function?

Haven’t been on Patreon for a while, but I come back and it seems the search functionality is the most limited it’s ever been. A few sample creators listed and absolutely no way to find creators. This is just awful. I say that not just as a creator, but as a prospective patron: I’d actually like to search for people to support, and not find people I like, then wonder if they’re on Patreon. This is just such a basic feature, and you’d think Patreon itself is losing out on lost earnings through the lack of it. No?


I agree, it is absolutely bizarre to me that this still isn’t a thing. I also think it is meaning they are missing out on the potential earnings from this too. It seems though that they have wilfully decided not to do this for whatever reason. I’d love to know what it is!


Search would be better if pressing enter had an intuitive result. Currently it just reloads the active page, for me, which makes no sense. I understand it’s a javascript based popup window of results, which is great, but maybe the enter key could be cancelled until it retrieved the results, and once it had them, went to the top of the list?

Also what about a ‘other patreon artists I follow’ section of our profiles? I’d use it. Thanks, love the idea of this site and I hope it grows.


I’ve just realised that the search function does actually work - but not when you press ‘enter’! I had assumed that the search function was not working AT ALL (I was getting no results - just reloading the page I was on). So, my apologies for that.

But yes, that would be much better.

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Yeah it took me a while to notice too. Maybe it should bring up a little ‘Loading results…’ placeholder until it has actually fetched the results for what you’ve typed in, that would probably make it more clear.