Search Old Posts?

I’ve got 150+ posts and it’s becoming a huge issue for people to sort through the content. I’ve tried to tag clearly, but the tag count is getting gigantic and unmanageable for people looking for very specific topics.

how is it that no search function exists at all? is anything planned to either 1) highlight/feature high value posts form the back catalog or 2) implement a basic search bar?

even something as simple as what’s built into this patreon community interface would suffice.

I literally have to clarify/stress/point out that searching is a problem with each new patron that joins and send them a list of links to recommend older posts they’d otherwise likely never scroll back to.


A new search system would be godsend, honestly. I update almost daily- and as you can imagine that means a lot of content goes up even within single tags. Some of my bigger tags like videos (150+) and PSDs (100+) would benefit from more search options to help patrons find more specific posts. Due to the lack of a search and the inability to filter using more than one tag/criteria at a time it’s really hard for patrons to find specific posts unless they’re relatively new. Of course, I’m always happy to help find stuff when asked but that becomes very difficult to keep up with for creators with larger numbers of patrons.

Here’s some more specific requests/ideas that I think could help:

  • A general search bar. This one sounds obvious enough. The function would search tags as well as post names or keywords in posts just like any typical search function.

  • Being able to filter the search over multiple tags, months, etc. Right now I only tag everything with a single tag to make it easier to filter through since, as far as I know, you can only search by one tag name at a time. I don’t want to have everything appearing under multiple tags as it just makes it harder for patrons to find specific things. For example, comic pages are marked ‘PRS Pages’ and videos are marked ‘Videos’ - I’d love to have Videos of the making of Pages be tagged PRS Pages as well but then it’d make it harder for people to find actual PRS Pages. The downside is- finding videos of PRS Pages means they’re sifting through 150+ videos. If we could search for posts with both tags it’d be a life saver.

  • A way to further organize posts. Tags help, but being able to put things in folders or something would be great. Using the above example, if I put everything PRS related in one folder then patrons would be able to just search that particular folder for specific tags instead of everything I ever posted. While much of my work on patreon is PRS related, I do a lot of requests and art for patrons that I share as well. Having the ability to separate them without creating a dozen new tags (there’s only so many tags you can use before it gets cluttered as heck) would make it a lot easier for people to search through older content.


I’ve also made a post about the tagging issue. A search function or, even better, ways to collect content into (as you mentioned @Nekomata ) folders or something, or clickable “subject boxes”, is almost essential. A lot of content that patrons might be very interested in is simply lost because even we ourselves can’t get to it anymore.


I’ve been trying to bang this drum as loudly as possible because it is currently the most common reason I lose patrons. Lack of functionality and ease of use in regards to browsing is my biggest pain point. When you have a couple hundred posts and the best immediate solution is to create a nesting doll of tags for patrons to browse, there’s a problem. I know the teams at Patreon are working on lots of cool stuff, but this is such a core issue that has a very real impact on the entire experience for our patrons.

Patreon is all about empowering creators. Having a top of the line, intuitive browsing experience that allows us to put our wares on display and present everything we have to offer would be incredibly empowering. With all the talent Patreon has on board, I don’t doubt that they could really knock an overhaul like this out of the park, and I’m hoping they will soon.


I’ve started a table of contents on my front page. I had a post tagged that way but I find that people with phones have trouble with the tags.


I once saw all my posts listed like at Instagram, as square drawings/photos (I am a comics artist, so I try to post always at least one drawing). I guess the Patreon team was testing things… or was I dreaming? I loved it! It was so clear, and you could see at least 16 posts at once and quickly scroll down for more.

I’d like you to consider that configuration at least like an option, it makes a lot of sense for visual artists. As well as the search bar and the other ideas proposed above, with which I agree!

Thank you!


Yeah come on Patreon, a search function would be great. I have thousands of previous posts and I doubt anyone goes through them all.
If one could scroll through all previous posts as thumbnails (like Pau says above) that would be great, rather than just a long endless scrolling down which is impossible to keep tabs on. It can’t be that hard for them to do this. But I think they are concentrating on monetising extras at the moment, at least that’s the whisper.


My search hack:

I save all my email notifications, automatically filter a label “Patreon” and use Gmail’s search function extensively to find what I’m looking for.


We desperately need this function as a way to entice new members and keep old ones. Please prioritize?


This has been one of the Biggest Patreon Pain Points for many creators…it remains mine.


Agreed. I send a survey to my patrons and this was a #1 complaint. They said it took over 30 minutes to scroll down the post they wanted.


And this gets even worse when it comes to searching in the phone version, as tags panel is not even an option there ands links in the bio don’t work.

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Posting to bring this to the top again. What progress is being made to addressing this?

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Hey folks, being able to search your own posts is in our top 3 most heavily requested features, alongside improvements to messaging and notifications. Please know that I am bringing this up with the product team and am tracking your requests with them. Keep updating this thread with examples of how this feature would help you and I’ll let you know when I know any more.


Searchable posts remains a must have for so many of us! Please Patreon, bump this up the priority list. I post most days, so it would help my readers a lot. Most posts are kept within the 5 tags/categories to help my readers navigate.