Searching and editing old posts

I’d love to open up old posts to more patrons or even public but it’s such a time consuming thing to do now scrolling through all published posts. It would be so much easier if you could sort by year, pledge level and such. And instead of having to go to the actual post just change the pledge tier for each post in the published posts overview.
The current setup is keeping me from opening up older posts to all patrons because I simply don’t have the time to go through it all


Yes, some mass editing tools would be a godsend.


I currently do this everyone once in a while on my actual page itself, since that’s the only place where you can sort by anything. It can be a pain, since Patreon is incredibly slow, and it can take some scrolling before I find a post I want to switch to public.

There also used to be a way to cheatsy making an old Patreon-only post public with it still saying “Patrons saw this x days early”, but you can’t anymore. Would love it if they brought that back officially.

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Having the ability to search for posts by tags or publish dates would be awesome too. It’s so time-consuming to have to open a post to change view status; very tedious.


Thanks for providing your feedback, all! A mass editing tool has been requested a few times recently, please know I’m passing your messages along.


Great to hear it, mass editing for those of us with thousands of posts over the past 4+ years are VITAL!

All of the above. Having to scroll through 250 posts while looking for something is unacceptable. (Also, why no captions for photos?)

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Seems like a lot of people want this.

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