Select Tag Notifications

As a creator and a patron of other creators, I would love the option to get notifications on only certain tags from a creator.

A perfect example is on my own Patreon, each tier gets several emails a month for new perks. Some people only want the illustrations, some only maps, some are just waiting in the commission queue, and some are there for the community I’m building.

I think it would be great to allow them to get notifications based only on tags they choose. So every time I post anything with “Illustrations” they could choose to get notified. Or opt out of the “Thoughts” tag I use for my blog.

This would help those of us who get the “too many emails” complaint from patrons.


I would absolutely love something like this! Not for the creators I pledge to- but for my own patrons. I have near-daily uploads and always worry about the poor email inboxes of my patrons. Of course, I follow a set schedule (videos on Thursdays, new comic pages on Tu/Fri, Wallpapers on Wed, etc.) so everyone knows what day of the week to check for their favorite goodies However, since not all goodies are a weekly upload it’d be great for them to get notified when their favorite stuff goes up instead of everything or nothing!


Thank you so much for the feedback and feature request! I’ve made a report and passed it onto the product team for future consideration.

You can also share this link with your patrons if they want to edit what emails they get:

Yes, please. My patrons would be all over this.

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