Send Personal Message Never Works Right

Am I the only one who has this problem? Because it has been this way for years.

  1. I get a new patron.
  2. The email I get has a big “Send Personal Message” button.
  3. I like to do that so I always click it.
  4. That takes me to a screen that shows a search result with that one new patron there and a Message button at the top.
  5. I click Message and a New Message overlay appears.
  6. I can type my message.
  7. The Send button doesn’t work at all. Nothing happens when I click it.
  8. So I cancel that with the X button.
  9. Click on the new patron’s name.
  10. A sidebar slides in from the right with another Message button.
  11. I click that and get the New Message overlay appears again
  12. I can type a message.
  13. The Send button works.
    There is a difference between the first Message overlay and the second. The first has a title New Message and the name of the person is in a separate box below that. The second has a title New Message to Name.
    I’ve tried this on multiple computers (all Macs) using Safari. If I turn on the inspector and look at JavaScript errors, I can see some appear when I do step 7, so something is not right.
    This isn’t a huge deal as there is a work-around. But this is an action I do every day, so I keep hoping it will be fixed. Maybe no one is reporting it?

Happens on Firefox on Mac as well.

Have been having this issue for a while. Keep hoping it’s temporary. Super frustrating.