"Send us a note" Feedback/Request/Idea

So this is a bit out of the box (but still ready for an embed)…but I always wonder why some of my patrons are resistant to contact patreon support for help.

Now I know there are a lot of layers to this, and I have worked really hard to try and help patrons when they have an issue or to encourage them to use the help pages or to fill out a support ticket.

BUT today a had this small idea, that might help some patrons feel just a little bit more comfortable filling out that support form…that is just adding a little human touch to the page???

What if there was a short embedded video on the right-hand side with someone from the support team just saying hi and that we are here to help… “Hey, hello! I’m Zara from Patreon’s support team and we are here to help, if you are…”

I don’t know if it would help everyone but seeing a smiling friendly face is almost always a good thing.


I agree. Have seen the same hesitance with my patrons too.

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Talking to other creators, it seems that some supporters seem to expect the creator to be able to handle all the tech issues from their side. They don’t seem to understand that Patreon is the facilitator, and the creator doesn’t have direct access to everything.