Seriously - Can We Please Have A Gallery?... Please?... Seriously?

I am going to keep this very simple and short. As a content creator, we need an UNMISTAKABLE, UNAVOIDABLE, SIMPLE, EASY TO SEE, EASY TO USE, GALLERY to share our completed content.

Our users should be able to view all of our content in 1 easy to FIND and easy to USE place. Please. This is such a simple and necessary thing to have for a content creator. Imagine joining to support a creator and having to scroll through pages upon pages of stuff just to find the content? (PINNED messages are a CUTE bandaid but NOT a solution).

Here is an example of where and how you can put it. Please, lets get this implemented ASAP.


Here are some links to other creators asking for this or something similar:


Ditto! Long overdue.


Hi @agentredgirl, thank you collecting all of this feedback into one place. Like I mentioned on Discord, I’ve brought this feedback to the team. I’m unable to guarantee it will result in a change, but it’s important for us to hear feedback like this and I appreciate you sharing it.


Yeah I have been wanting this for a long time, along with the choice to search through old posts as thumbnails, not endless scrolling.


Got another Patreon today complaining about how difficult it is to find content =)


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It’s time to talk with the Jack Conte, CEO’s Patreon by commenting on his video because seriously guys…

How many request should we do if we are not being listened?
My god guys, I work really hard to bring people to patreon… to have such frustration at display content.

It’s so obvious that the Scrolling infinite experience is annoying, try by yourself to look older posts… (do not tell me about the tag, it’s bad)

we have different type of creators and medias, videos, images and text. You guys already have this UI system in the POSTS / Dashboard Section creator tab.

I will try to e-mail some one higher on the staff directly, because this forum seems to be useless


Ditto. We produce comic pages every month with the process work and creator commentary, and there’s no reasonable way to organize these pages. I’m looking for a gallery that can be displayed right away for new and returning patrons and allows for easy navigation between posts within that gallery. In my case, I would organize my comic pages into a gallery which the patrons can then read one page at a time with all the additional material and also post comments per page.

This is a basic need for both patrons and creators.


Hi all - just wanted to link this response from our product team lead:

Thank you again for providing your thoughts and feedback. We’ll absolutely let you know when we have an update.

When a feature which is useful and common to other sites has been requested for years, and the response is platitudes, that indicates a lack of concern for creators and Patrons. I’m sure there are technical challenges, but Patreon has had years to solve them. This feature request ought to be a top priority.

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I really don’t understand why such a basic feature has been ‘put asside’ or ‘down on the To DO list’ for SUCH a long time. Are there any reasons that in ANY way explain why you would choose not to implement a galerie into patreon? I mean… the pictures are uploaded anyway, so ‘space’ can’t be the issue.

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Reyna If your product team needs ANY idea on how and where and WHAT the gallery should look like, please reach out to me. I will happily provide examples. However, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is that the Gallery is SUPER EASY TO FIND! Look at the picture I posted in the first message in this thread.

We just need a BIG FAT BUTTON that says Gallery. That is impossible to miss. You can allow us to customize the look/picture for the button but thats what we want. a Big… fat… button!

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I’m honestly really tired of the state of Patreon. I’ve been here for years only because there isn’t an alternative. They’ve really been sitting on their laurels and not making any significant changes or improvements to the platform. My patrons have been complaining for years that they struggle to get around and see the posts they’ve paid access to because it’s this long list of a post after post. I’ve gone through and tagged everything as best as I can, but it’s still a tedious mess and asking far too much of my paying fans to ask to negotiate through for this long. I’ve got messages on this forum from 2018 asking for galleries and here we are, still no changes or improvements. But their social media spam posts about getting more patrons. But once they’re here, the concern for their well-being in terms of interacting with the actual platform go by the wayside.

I’m an artist – I draw a webcomic, and having every one of my submissions stacked single-file in a long list doesn’t work well for my patrons. They get overwhelmed by the lack of intuitive design on our profile page and may bail the following month.

I don’t actually understand the point of this forum when suggestions outside of adding a checkbox or a label are rarely considered. The API is broken. The layout is stale and never really worked since the beginning. But Patreon has no competition, so why change the current status quo?

Patreon’s design needs to grow and evolve. Right now it’s a mushroom lounging in the shade.



I love this Platform in the sense that its given me a better life but I have to echo a lot of the frustration that @mongie is feeling. This Gallery feature is becoming a NECESSISTY at this point. The more and more content that is created, the harder and harder it is to find. I have been on Patreon for a few years now and for some reason this feature has not been added and I just cant understand why.

Please, help us make this happen. This is a basic level need for our Patreons. I feel like this could be added in a single day, I just cant understand why it hasnt been.


Edit: Here are some more RECENT (IE last 30 days) examples of Patreons complaining about how hard it is to find content.


It’s literally this. Sooo much work has gone into getting patrons, but if none of them want to stay, there’s no point.

They’ve built up the infrastructure to get patrons, their focus now should be way more on fixing bugs/issues and adjusting/adding features to keep them.

I know I’ve lost at least one patron who couldn’t find the posts they wanted, and I’m a small creator. I can’t imagine how many larger creators have lost. Let alone how many told them that was the reason they left.

I spent hours and hours over several days building a Google Doc with my posts organized and laid out in a more searchable/readable way. Patreon’s folders and tags just aren’t good enough. (Not to mention the insane lag that still persists which was a large contributor to why it took me so long to make that document!)

I honestly feel like most of us would be much less stressed and upset about things like this if Patreon was more communicative with what was going on behind the scenes. It feels like we always have to pry it out of the staff. Give us info on what you’re currently doing. What about updates for each quarter? “Here are our plans for Q1” That would be amazing! It’s not like it’d have to be super detailed, I get it there are things to keep private or a “surprise” (though previous “surprises” have been hit or miss). But /something/ would be a fantastic start.


same same same to everything above.

i shouldn’t need to make my own OFF SITE navigation for how to access my paid content.

infinite scroll does NOT work! it just doesn’t! i have thousands upon thousands of posts, there’s absolutely no way for my patrons to access my old content :frowning:


Just echoing the sentiment that this would be a really helpful addition.


This is absolutely the number one thing that Patreon is missing.

I cannot understand why Patreon, where members pay creators to get access to content, doesn’t understand the difference between Content and Posts.

Please give us a real Content Management feature, that lets us post videos, music, images, files/downloads, and text content in a way that is surfaces and organized better than tagged posts. (Posts should remain, but they aren’t Content.)


Here is another post requesting this along with an example of how it could look