Setting up polls based on pledge amount

So I’m moving to a stage in my Patreon career where I feel ready to start offering reward tiers.
I write stories, and one good method that I’ve seen people use is having patrons vote on what gets written next, and then giving them more votes per amount pledged. For example, a one dollar pledge might get you one vote, and a six dollar pledge might get you six votes.
While I see a lot of creators doing this, I don’t see any built-in options for it in the Patreon interface. Is there some third party website that will do this? Is there a built-in function that I’m just not seeing?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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interested in if this is possible too, although not sure if I want to show favoritism to my patrons; definitely worth experimenting though!

Most artists on Patreon that i’ve see do this, open up a text post (not a poll) and have their patrons vote on what they want with comments so that they can keep track of who votes for what and what pledge/tier they are on. They state people in x tier get x amount of votes and it seems that having people comment keeps people mostly accurate with their vote amounts because it shows up publicly. At the same time, i know people who wont vote publicly (but will DM) because they want their votes to remain private so most artists incorporate DM’s into their voting system.

However it is far from easy or efficient so i definitely agree with this. It would be amazing to have some customization for patreon polls to setup vote amounts per tier. I certainly hope this happens at some point!

oh wow, this is a lot of effort. ok. didn’t realise people were going through this

Yeah it can be a lot to manage. I don’t offer more than one vote for higher tiers because it’s a bit much to handle between everything else. I just allow all patrons at a certain level and above a chance to equally vote on things (with other reward perks to offset their higher payments of course.)

Oh, so that’s how they do it?
I’ve also been told that some do it by having separate polls for different reward tiers, and then tallying them all up at the end.
Right now I’m just trying to find ways of giving incentives for higher reward tiers that don’t require me to lock off any content, or make anything timed.
I’m going to be producing ebooks that will be a tiered reward, but I also don’t want everyone who has pledged above that amount to then reduce their pledge, if you see what I mean.

As I said in my previous post

I often see people not using polls but using regular patreon posts, asking their patrons to use comments since they can see who’s making the comment and can keep track of who is in what tier/how many votes (which they post on the tier descriptions) they get so they can confirm everyone is using the proper amount. This is also all in one place. (With the exception on if they allow people to DM them. Which, if i was doing that, I’d just keep a document in my dropbox for who voted for what so i only have to look at two places when making final tallies.)

Your suggested way also works. It’s just keeping track of more pages depending on how many tiers you have.