Setting up the Wordpress App/Plugin

Has anyone else successfully done this yet? I’ve been beating my head against it all morning and finally gave up and emailed the helpdesk. I’ve got the thing successfully talking to Patreon but it’s not passing the login credentials/hiding the posts properly.

I used to do tech support for a living, I’m not an idiot. I’ve done harder stuff than this without problems. -_-

What’s your experience so far?

Hey @haikujaguar, the WP plug-in is temporarily down, which may be why you’re having trouble with it. There’s a form you can fill out to know when it’s back up.

Thanks, Ellie, I appreciate knowing!

Is it always going to fail by defaulting to displaying all the locked content, though? That… seems like a problem. :confused:

@haikujaguar hey there! We chatted on support, and this is a great prompt for me to put the answer here for others to get in case they also feel the pain.

You’re right - this is not yet functional, and it’s an oversight on my part. We’re working right now to release a new version that fixes this.

The reason is that main blog pages display the “excerpt” - as a temporary fix, I believe there is a Wordpress admin setting to limit what is displayed on the main blog page to a “summary” (screenshot below​

Fear not, the new version will apply to excerpts/blog pages as well!

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So… now the plugin doesn’t work at all? When I went to install it on a different WP install, I got a ‘this plugin is not available’ page.


That’s correct. It’s being re-released and we wanted new creators to wait for a better experience. What you’re seeing is a place to sign up to get immediately notified.

The previous version is in use by several large creators, however, we realized that it was not a suitable experience for most Patreon creators who may not have as much technical experience. As we improve that, we decided it was worth making some underlying improvements that would be harder to make backwards compatible.

I’m sorry to hear this is a blocker. I hope you’ll agree it’ll be worth the wait.

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Thanks for the reply, Tal. I was in the middle of setting up a fan website when it went down–it was supposed to be a site where fans could post to the blog/forums/edit certain pages based on their Patreon level, and I was in a good groove when it vanished.

Hopefully the new one will integrate better with the site I’m planning, though? My fans were really excited about having a single-login into the site where they could talk/share stuff. (Their #1 request was to have the forums be read-only by strangers, but write-only by Patrons.)