Share your livestreaming tips

Hey creators :wave:

It seems virtual, live stream events have become a champion in 2020. And it doesn’t look like that’s going away any time soon! So I’d love to know…

What are you tips for an A+ livestream?

  • Any equipment you suggestion?
  • Lighting tips?
  • Audio tips?
  • Time restraints you’ve found work well?
  • Is there a platform you think works better than another?

We want to know your tips, tricks, hacks, and fall-backs when things go wrong.

As a musician, my equipment isn’t working well with Crowdcast during livestream. I use a looper often and have a powerful interface, but I still get a lot of sound “clipping” when singing with my looper during a live Crowdcast event.
I do not, however, experience this same clipping of sound while singing on zoom.

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I do open mic and jams as well as live lessons using Zoom. My lighting is less than ideal, but my audio seems to be the best when I am using a USB microphone - a cheap one at that - a Blue Snowball. I have a friend with much higher end equipment and sometimes he sounds fabulous, and sometimes there is interference. I have had meetings on Discord, and that worked well.