Sharing patron-only videos just got way easier!

The time has come! You can now rest easy knowing that your early access, exclusive, and new release videos are safely shared with just your patrons. We know you’ve used creative solutions like: YouTube unlisted links, password protected videos, and shared folders to share videos with patrons. So we’re happy to announce, with the new Vimeo integration, you can upload and exclusively share your private videos with just your patrons.

We hope you love it! Please let us know what you think below and share what you’re able to accomplish with this new feature.

To start using the Vimeo integration with your patrons today, subscribe to any paid plan at Vimeo. If you don’t have a paid subscription to Vimeo, sign up for their free 30-day trial for the Vimeo Plus, Pro, or Business plans and try it out.

Please note: if you choose to only use the 30-day trial and your Vimeo account expires, the videos you shared on Patreon during those 30 days, will be locked and unable to be viewed until you reactivate a Vimeo account.


Really nice! Guess it’s time to get a paid account on Vimeo.

One question: I looked at the support document the typical workflow seems to be to create a single “video post” with one video. Can I also add a series of protected videos to one post?

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Hi @TypographyGuru, thanks for the post and question! Sadly there is no way to upload multiple videos in one post, but I’ve passed this request on to the team. Can you share a little more about what kind of videos they would be? It will help me paint a better picture of the team if they can understand why you’d want to upload more than one and what that would do for your patrons. Thank you!

I’ve created an online video course with 18 individual lessons and my patrons will get it for free. Until now, I linked unlisted YouTube videos, but I hoped I could just embed them safely from Vimeo instead. Turning it into 18 separate posts would not work well. :frowning:


Ah I see, thank you for explaining further, that’s very helpful.

A simple and more general solution would be to allow auto-embeds in the text editor, as we can do it in most forums, content management systems, social media services and so on.
You just paste a URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and so on and it is embedded automatically as rich content into the post.
With that option we could just create a text post and then add multiple Vimeo videos, Flickr pictures/albums or whatever else makes sense for the creator. Forcing us to make one “text post”, “video post” and so on feels really restrictive for 2019. :wink:


I’d like to see an integration utilized that actually doesn’t end up costing us more money.
Things are tight as it is, and this integration doesn’t really help any.
Not when there are easy ways to have unlisted videos on YT for free.

I have also simply added linked text into posts, so I’m able to have a complete list of videos in a single post. This added feature hasn’t really done anything for me, or changed anything at all. And I won’t use it simply because it costs me at least $25 per month to use.

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Hi @Ghool, thank you for this feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to share it with me. Not every integration or feature we launch will be useful or a viable option for 100% of our community and that’s ok, as we have such a varied and diverse group of creators. This one is specifically for very focused video creators who are wanting a more secure option and it starts at $7 a month if you pay for a year upfront. For video creators, this was an amount they were willing to pay as the benefit to them is so great but I can see that if you are not extremely concerned about secure videos, this isn’t an appealing option. Hopefully the next things we launch will get you excited :slight_smile:

I’m happy about the ability to upload more secure videos! However, why are we not able to do so through our mobile devices at all?
The feature sadly is not included in the app.
It won’t work on my Android phone even using an internet browser, which I use most to take video and I’m assuming a large portion of other Patreon creators do as well and it would be the easiest and fastest way to keep us posting more regularly to update our patrons.
That I would have to upload the video to my iCloud or Google Drive first, then download it to my desktop and then finally upload on my desktop browser means I will more likely procrastinate on ever uploading that content when I recorded it on my phone thinking it would be faster that way.
It also doesn’t seem to work on my iPad :frowning:
Is there a trick to this to upload from mobile, or is this feature more or less disabled for mobile devices?
If so, will that change soon? I’m hoping so!

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I’m looking at switching to this and wondering how this works for NSFW content that is being shared from Vimeo to Patrons only. Specifically I do:

  • Nude Vlogs where I’m nude and talking as normal
  • Lingerie show and tells where I end up nude, again, non-sexual
  • Possibly some simple dancing, but no open leg, no spreads, nothing overtly sexual. I do sometimes smooth my hands over my body, but not in a sexual or masturbation way (sorry if that reads awkwardly, I’m just trying to describe things). What I do is sensual, like belly dancing in a way.

I’m totally fine paying $7 a month for secure hosting, but I don’t want to build things up only to get shut down. So does it sound like I’d still be okay? Are any other models/cosplayers using this integration successfully?

Do not use Vimeo for adult content! Early last month I had my entire account deleted by Vimeo for that reason. It was a huge pain in the butt. If you are interested in chatting with me about what I am doing now, let me know. Also, I can put you in touch with the team I am using to develop my new video hosting site. The whole site integrates with Patreon too for payment processing and access. So far my patrons are loving it. Feel free to check out my Patreon page to get an idea.

You can check out the video hosting site here:

It’s all built on top of platforms that are adult content friendly.