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Shipping addresses are required for all of my tiers (because I sometimes send postcards to all of my patrons) but I’ve discovered I also have patrons who don’t want to receive physical rewards at all. So for now I message all the patrons who don’t have an address listed to make sure they’re not missing out on rewards every time I’m about to send something out. That’s how I know some of them aren’t even interested in those rewards in the first place.

Would it be possible to have an opt out feature for patrons who don’t want to receive physical rewards? Like a checkbox somewhere in the pledge editing page or when signing up where you normally input the shipping address? It can say something like “I don’t want to receive physical rewards” etc.

That way I would know that those patrons are aware of the rewards but also I won’t have to bother them about asking their address every time I want to send out physical rewards to everyone.


This would be really great. Lots of artists have tiers that are mixed. It’s not just digital and physical items separated but tiers that might have digital rewards as well as an occasional physical reward. Having to double check every time is so time consuming :confused:


With the new system of posting to tiers you could create one tier for patrons who wish to have physical rewards and one that doesn’t at the same dollar level. For example I have a tier called “Daily News” for $5 a month pledge, I could make a tier named “Daily News” “Just the Daily News”

Both could be at the $5 level but in the description for “Just the Daily News” it is clear that they will not have to give their shipping address and will NOT receive physical rewards. Also let them know they can edit their pledge to the other tier if they change their mind.

It has been made clear that you can put more than one tier at the same donation level and post to either or both at the same time.

Hope this helps.

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That would not work for me because I want to mail stuff to ALL of my patrons regardless of their tier. I would essentially have to create a duplicate of every tier in that case which sounds impractical to me and it’s likely gonna be confusing to patrons. I’m glad it works for you though.


Maybe it’s just me but that would make my patreon extremely complex just with tiers alone if I had to make doubles of things just for that. It’s not something I would want to do and clutter my page. :confused: I’d prefer something in the back end that I can manage
with the least impact to patrons looking at tiers.

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Hi Maarika! Patrons can opt of physical rewards by selecting the option in the membership flow. Hope this helps.


Oh that’s awesome! Is this new? I’ve never seen this for any of the people I’ve pledged to for physical rewards until now. (It’s not even shown or mentioned in any of the FAQ for patreon either that i can find.)

Also how as a creator, do we know if someone has chosen this on our end??? I don’t see any way to tell the difference between when someone chooses this vs just leaving the address part blank.


Hi there,

I believe it’s been live for a couple months. That said, the only way you as a creator would know is if the shipping is blank. Otherwise, patrons would be asked to fill out the address form before finalizing a membership.

The only way this gets tricky is if you add a shipping address requirement to a membership tier that already had patrons attached (so they wouldn’t have listed addresses yet.)

So they either -have- to fill out the address or select to opt out?

(I didn’t -have- to fill out the address when I signed up to some tiers with physical rewards. I only realized I hadn’t filled it out when I looked at my memberships. One was for sure one that required it when I signed up. One may have been implemented after I signed up, not sure. So I’m just concerned people can leave theirs blank without checking off that opt out.)

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Just wanted to add on to this thread - I have Patrons who are listed as having opted out of physical rewards. They show up in the “Relationship Manager” like this (edit: argh I think you have to click on the pic to see the entire thing!)

Hope that helps!

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Not as convenient a placement but it’s something! Thanks for posting this! Hopefully they will update to include that in the monthly roundups too sometime soon.