Show hidden posts in home feed

I don’t recall seeing this brought up in a thread, but I just realized that when I’m reading my home feed (that shows creators I follow, whether I’m pledging to them or not), I can’t see any post that is beyond my pledge level. I mean, obviously I’m not supposed to see their contents, but I should be seeing that they are there, with a sign that says “for $5 supporters and above only”, or whatever. Why? Because I want my followers and patrons, when they look at their feed, to see that I am posting content not available to them. Because that might entice them to pledge or to up their pledge. There is no enticement at all otherwise. You can only see that inaccessible posts exist when you go directly to a creator’s page, but who does that when we have a convenient feed on our homepage? Yet that’s precisely the feed where these posts don’t show up! We’re missing a trick here, guys. Please consider fixing this. People really need to feel they are missing out on something interesting to be tempted into pledging, and currently it’s very easy to be completely unaware that what you see in your feed is only the tip of the iceberg.


Even though I don’t make patron only posts, I agree. I follow around 100 creators and there is an unconscious assumption when I only see public posts from the same 10 creators that the 90 others have abandoned their Patreon,. They could be making patron only posts to multiple tiers and really working it, but as a follower I wouldn’t know that. I go to my home feed daily, but I do not go to every creator’s page every day. Granted these creators should probably make the occasional public post, but not everyone uses Patreon in the same manner. I think this should be the case for the early access posts as well: a little teaser for followers to know there is content there they can instantly unlock with a pledge.

I also agree that this is something that should be added. All the more temptation for our patrons to join onto higher tiers when they see all the posts that are up there.

I agree whole heartedly!

As a creator, I definitely see the value here – but as a user it would feel really spammy. It’d be like scrolling through ad after ad, trying to find the content I paid for.