Show Patron Addresses WITHOUT clicking

I have been clinging to my bookmark to the old relationship manager because when I tried the new one, I didn’t see an easy method for showing all Patron addresses. Well, the old one is gone tomorrow and I just tried the new one, and I’m absolutely FLOORED at how inelegant this new system is. I either have to download a CSV, which opens as tiny, cramped text that’s difficult to read, or I have to click each individual patron name to open up the little info card, then click to close it, and click the next name to open that one, etc.

Are you kidding me? Whose idea was this? Just let me choose to see mailing addresses in the manager, for chrissakes, this is basic stuff here.


It’s so annoying. And trying to find addresses in the iOS app is pointless.

Hi @unspoiledpodcast, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. If you haven’t already, please add your feedback to the original PRM updates thread: COMING SOON | Improvements to Patron Relationship Manager. This is where the team is gathering feedback and direct input from creators.

We’ve also started an Advisory Group for creators to gain early access and sneak peeks into features and tools. If there’s a particular feature or workflow you’d love for Patreon to support, this is your way to work directly with the people who are building your tools.

I hope this helps!