Show Paused Pledges

We NEED to be able to see paused pledges. There is no way we can plan ahead without this feature. It’s just impossible.
This is the only thing bothering me in the whole Patreon experience at the moment.
Yesterday when the month changed and all my patrons were charged, I received way less than it shows on my front page. How can I plan ahead if I can’t see which patrons have paused their pledges?
It’s been happening for months and I remember sending an email to the support team last year expressing my discontent about that. They said it’s something planned for the future, but it’s been months and nothing.
I’ve talked to some friends and they all agree that is just insane that we don’t have access to this info. It’s very important, I’d say essential.


@erin @carla

I fully endorse this request.
It surely fits the concept of making things transparent to creators.
If a patron decide to pause their pledge, the creator must be aware of that.


Hey, @mindy
How about this suggestion?
Could you take this idea upstairs?

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Thanks for the nudge! I’ve shared it with the product team and I’ll see if I can find out anything more specific regarding timelines.


I’m curious – with paused pledges would you want information about why they paused or just to be able to know when it happens.

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Just be able to know who is currently paused.
I don’t need to know their reasons (I think it mostly happen when they have finantial problems but don’t want to permanently leave or just to manage the day Patreon will charge them).
We just NEED to know who is paused.


I think both are interesting.
But when they pause is imperative.
Why they pause would depend on the patrons wanting to disclose that reason or not (similar to what we already have on deletion of pledges).


Really wish paused patrons were listed as such.

I went to check my list this morning before the payments run, and my “current” patron list shows one more person and $3 more than the “July” list, though nobody has signed up this morning.

I assume that means one of my $3 patrons is paused.

But now I have to sort through these two lists of patrons to figure out who.

Why doesn’t Patreon just TELL ME that?

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Hey folks! I wanted to let you know that as of August 1st, 2018, we have removed our pause feature for patrons.

Pausing allowed patrons to hold off on payment and access to a creator’s content for one month if they needed a break or weren’t financially able to pledge for a given month. In the end, we found that the majority of patrons did not have a need for this feature and creators were left with little information on how to review paused memberships in their Dashboard (as you all shared in here). Overall, the best option for a patron that is unable to continue their membership for a month or more is to cancel and sign up again when they can.

This means that from today patrons will no longer be able pause a membership to a creator. If patrons have an existing pause for a creator, this payment will resume as normal after the next billing cycle. Creators are still going to see current paused pledges for the next month but after that they should no longer be visible.

Thanks for reading! Keep your feedback coming and reach out with any questions :slight_smile: