Show Up: Sew Cool

Hello friends,

This week on Friday May 15th at 10am PT I’ll be hosting The Show Up! If you’re not familiar, it’s our new weekly livestream where creators connect with each other and their fans around a shared theme or topic.

This week the theme is Sew Cool, and the 4 creators joining us are all experts at making things with their hands! As you may recognize them from the community, I wanted to give a special shout out and encourage you to join us live to show them your support :slight_smile:

This week, each of these creators will be offering a live demonstration of something you can make from home, and that is normally saved for patrons! We have:

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If you have any questions you’d love to ask them, post in this thread and I’ll make sure we prioritize asking them live :slight_smile:


I’m so excited to share my little Animal Crossing themed DIY with everybody!! (And I can’t wait to see what Kate, Nat, and Danny are sharing!)


Yay @ginnydi! The necklace is going to be SO CUTE :heart_eyes:

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I have to know – what is Danny’s Harry Potter house?!

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Question: For someone who wants to get into crafting but doesn’t know where to start, what are a few simple crafts that are good for beginners to try?

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30 mins until we’re live! That’s a great question @thelatestkate :blush: