Show us your work from home space

Has your work day been turned upside down due to COVID-19?

Over in How are you staying creative during COVID?, a few creators shared photos of their at-home work space and it got me thinking! So many of us had to quickly find space in our home to keep working in light of COVID - and I’d love to see how you’ve converted your space.

Here’s my kitchen table / office / conference room where I chat with you, lovely creators much of the day:

Complete with an old coffee cup from yesterday, one lightning charger shared between my laptop & iPad, TV remote, and dog bed in the corner. :sweat_smile:

I challenge you to share your work space without tidying it up!


From improvisation to something solid:

I had a cross-country move a year ago and I had been putting most of my energy into taking the laptop out to various cafes and parks around New Orleans instead of worrying about getting a new desk to replace the one I didn’t feel like shipping from Seattle. Then suddenly there was a plague and here I was with my monitor sitting in some bookshelves, with the backup drive, keyboard, etc, also in there. That screen was wayyyy too damn close for comfortable use.

This is my horrible improvised workspace circa mid-May, using one of the bins that still hasn’t been unpacked from my move as a place to sit and stream drawing horny commissions - it got slightly better after one of my fans insisted on buying me a laptop stand that let me bring the screen up to an ergonomically proper height, then it only made the bottom of my spine ache instead of the whole thing. Sit on cushions, tablet in my lap, keyboard on the edge of the bin with a couple of notebooks below it to compensate for the big depression in the bin’s lid, iPad as a second screen for stream stuff on the right, it worked, but it wasn’t great.

But I used some of the money I got streaming horny commissions to hit up Ikea, and those parts finally arrived near the end of May. I still gotta find a decent stool to perch on when I want to work but don’t want to stand. And maybe rig up some kind of curtain over the low shelves, I dunno. But my screen’s at a comfortable distance! And I have it back on the arm so I can switch it to portrait orientation sometimes!

I would have been doing something like this eventually anyway, there have been days where I really just wanted to laze around the house and work instead of hitting a cafe and/or the park but I couldn’t because the room we’d designated as “Peggy’s studio” was still just a bunch of piles of boxes. But it was low priority, and I was just kind of occasionally wandering through used furniture shops in town waiting for the right piece to appear and say “hello, I will be your desk for your time in New Orleans”. Instead I have some more Ikea particleboard.

I have decided to cover most of the empty surface of my desk with my hoard of Mardi Gras doubloons. There are more in boxes somewhere and they’ll probably also end up on here too when we get some more storage to do another round of unpacking into. I had them on the floor of my bedroom and living room in Seattle but this feels like the right way to fill up this huge expanse of space.

I still haven’t really found a good working rhythm, to be honest. I open up unfinished comics pages, sigh, and close them again. Sometimes I spend a week doing commissions to replace the funds I’m not getting from putting comics on Patreon - it pays better but it doesn’t make me as happy. Streaming those helps give me a kick in the pants to get it done instead of having it linger, when the servers aren’t dropping 95% of my frames, but I’d really rather not try to manage a chat along with drawing stuff. Sometimes I just endlessly scroll Twitter hoping for another protestor victory or something (every photo of a slaver statue coming down is a delight) and am struck with the weirdness of having been a regular student at a dance studio that’s just outside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone now. Sometimes I go out to the park with my computer. The big project’s at a standstill.


Love the spaces! @reyna the kitchen is one of the happiest places in the house, and I think it’s a great place to feel good about working. And to have access to hydration and motivating beverages. :slight_smile:
@egypturnash, wow! That’s so amazing that you have that level of support. And I think it’s okay to go through unmotivated periods, and sometimes, going outside your space to work can really help. It has helped me in the past.

Here’s my space. I try to keep it uncluttered, especially since I am currently staying with my friend’s family and sharing the hangout room with my awesome friend. We work great together and have great boundaries, so I am happy and she is supper supportive of my art. I’m a traditional/digital artist.
There is a peek of my work on the window, and since I love mermaids, I diy’d a ‘creative altar’ a while ago to inspire me. My creativity feels a lot like water and stars to me, so I have those elements included, and the bag (sitting on some seashells I gathered in Tallahassee when I moved there) holds my rosary. :purple_heart:


My desk space is currently my work from home space for my day job though it would normally be my work for burlesque space for my social media and craft space as well. It will also be used for any RPG streaming in the future.

I use my living room for some photography at home as well as working on my lap top when I don’t want a full lay out and to read and write notes. I don’t have as much floor space as I would like for stretching and choreography.

The one good thing about this tiny apartment is it does have at least a good sized closet… for all those boxes are costumes for photoshoots and stages. And there are also some costumes on hangers and behind the closet door too.

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@egypturnash your desk space has been a journey! Though I will say, the bookshelf desk is pretty impressive. I would have never thought to use the shelves like that. But I totally see how that would be uncomfortable after a while. I’m glad to see your current set up though! And I’m with @purplelanternstudio, it’s okay to be unmotivated sometimes. We’re living through some weird, unprecedented times right now - there’s definitely room to forgive yourself! :heart:

@purplelanternstudio thank you! Being by the kitchen is nice because it’s open & airy and keeps me from being cramped in a small room all day :hugs:
I LOVE your creative altar! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love to see what keeps people inspired and creative.

@everiotartist living room turned studio turned office :raised_hands:
I gotta call out the soft boxes just hanging out too, love those guys. And, I think I spy a Patreon water bottle on the desk? :smirk:


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I JUST made a Patreon post showing my progress. You can see it all here:

Here are some of the highlights:

My craft table.

Haven’t added the books to my little library yet, but I love this little reading nook.

One of the front corners.

And my art desk.
Now that all the furniture is in, I’ll be decorating next. :smiley:

I am loving looking at everyone’s creative spaces. These are all so inspiring!


@howard well that’s the coolest office tour ever! Though I wasn’t expecting you to show up in a few angles and it jump scared me! Seriously loving all the character in your space though :slight_smile:

@lochy it’s really coming together!! I’m so jealous of your giant, double windows. What’re your next steps?


@reyna, just decorating at this point. It may not look like it but I’ve already spent a month and a half working on it, so I want to get back to making art for a while and just find things for it at garage sales and thrift stores. I’ll be lookin’ for a nice ergonomic chair that will work with my desk, a stool for my craft table, and some lace curtains for the windows. No rush at this point. Just gonna make art and find things as I find them. :smiley:

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Damn that’s a space molded by one person occupying it for a long time. Nice!


Twenty five years!


I’ve mostly worked from home for most of my art career but here is what my little corner of the apartment looks like. (It is never this clean and this is an old set of images but still accurate. This was after an overhaul of some stuff and switching some layouts to maximize the space without boxing me in like the pervious layout did.)

I’ve very slowly been able to buy things I need to upgrade my space and have also luckily been able to find things I need on big sales or free stuff from folks I know who don’t want the items anymore.

Not seen: On the back side of the desk (to the left of the top image) there are plastic drawers and stuff that hold other business and misc items. The thing the big printer in the front is on, is also storage space and the small standing desk on the right side has a couple shelves on it too. Never enough storage space. @.@

I really need to get a new chair. My desk setup is not all that ergonomic even though I’ve tried hard to make it the best it can be and it causes me a great deal of pain if I’m not careful. But with my desk being a corner desk like it is, most chairs are too wide to fit into the crevice I can sit in. Just the way the desk is built unfortunately and most other desks don’t fit the small area I can work in and they are pricey. Hopefully one day I can find a good chair that fits and has the heights I need for less pain. I try to get up and use the standing desk when I’m able and stretch a lot but it’s only so helpful on the RSI’s. XD


I love seeing this. Is it wrong I want to read all your little post-its? You’re so much more consistently creating than I am and I feel like there would be some juicy tips on how you organize your time, keep motivated, or something I need to know! :joy:


TBH, most of them are just reminders. Like, how much I need to pay into x/y/z during the month, general best times to post stuff (that i tend to sorta ignore unless I’m pre-scheduling posts), a printing checklist so i don’t forget something important, and right now I’ve got some notes on some games i was trying to learn to play better. I also had some convention reminders written down but those have been scrapped. XD

I’ve also moved a LOT of it into my bullet journal because some of it was long term, not short term that needed immediate reminders. (I find the bullet journal is really helping me keep all my loose notes and “brain blasts” better organized too.)

BUT YEAH! Outside of the social media stuff, i’m not sure it’s useful to anyone but me. Motivational stuff though, i have a variety of things on my desk for that, like content from @thelatestkate !

Since the previous images were older, they don’t show the current things adorning the desk. Here are a couple new ones.

I like surrounding my work space with colourful things i like~ It’s definitely a messy space (it rarely looks like the original photo’s lol) but it’s my space :slight_smile:


i’m always fascinated by the workspaces of others! it’s fun to see the creative ways people decorate their space or turn a small space into something useful.

i have two workplaces: cosplay crafting & illustration ! looking forward to eventually leveling up into a bigger apartment with my own crafting room, photoshoot area, and office. the crafting area actually looks its best and most organized right now. normally it’s absolute chaos.

and the illustration desk is slowly being overtaken by anime figures. plus i’m running out of space for all the zines i’ve been in or bought haha.


Ooooo, i dig your space Simrell! Everything is so bright~ :slight_smile:


@simrell, I need a new desk chair that goes with my white furniture (why are most ergonomic chairs black?). Do you like yours and if so, what is it. It’s just really cute. <3


this is the chair i got! and yes i like it :3 the aesthetic is cute and it’s comfortable! only had this chair for about a month but haven’t found anything i don’t really like about it yet

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my workspace-setup i worked on this for years it was centered on gaming but now its my studio where i draw all day!


WOW! What a dreamy space! Is everyone hung on the walls a piece you’ve made?