Show your support for International Women's Day

Hey creators :wave:

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8!

This year’s theme is “Choose to Challenge.” You can read more about the #ChooseToChallenge campaign here, but essentially, it’s a call to people around the world to commit to challenging bias, stereotypes, and inequality.

Where You Come In:

The #ChooseToChallenge movement is symbolized by raising your right hand as a sign that you’re committing to challenging the bias you see around you. We want to create a video with Patreon employees and creators all raising their hands to show our support, like you see in the gif below.


What We Need From You:

If you’d like to participate (and we’d love it if you do!), submit a photo of yourself raising your right hand to this Dropbox folder.

Photo specs & best practices:
• Photos where you’re standing work best
• Try to find a simple backdrop
• Don’t raise your hand alllll the way - we don’t want it to look like you’re asking a question
• If possible, frame your photo from the waist-up

Submit your photos by Tuesday, 3/2!

Please reach out with any questions or ideas! We’re excited to get this rolling. :slight_smile: