Showing Limited Tier Slots with Earnings Hidden

I have several reward tiers with limited availability. When I launched my Patreon with my earnings and patron count in each tier displayed, the slots all filled up quickly. Anytime a slot opens and I announce it to my patrons (they always get notified first), it’s taken in minutes.

After I switched my campaign to hide earnings, I found that the reward descriptions understandably no longer reveal how many patrons are in each tier. But they also don’t reveal which tiers have limited availability and how many slots are left, until they’re sold out. As a result, if a limited slot becomes available, it will often sit open for much longer than usual, until/unless I announce it.

On the plus side, the slots still get taken if I announce them. But I’d like to still have the benefit of those slots attracting new prospective patrons who might just happen upon my page. I think if we had the option of it displaying something like, “Only [x] slots left!” on limited tiers, while still not listing a total headcount, it would help to create that sense of urgency for any old prospective patron visiting a page on any day.

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts on this! Thanks!


I list it under the reward description - ‘Only 4 pledges of this tier are available.’

But yes I agree, this would help loads.

Yeah, I considered using the description in the meantime, but my descriptions already run a little long… I probably will if a slot opens again and this isn’t a feature yet, though.

Great idea! I’ll talk to the team about it and see if there are any reasons not to do this.