Social Connect Feedback

I’m enjoying the Social Connect Tool, as it is helping me find Patreon pages of things I follow on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and was wondering if it could be expanded into Discord, Spotify, and other tools.

I know Discord is already integrated with Patreon, by ways of Discord rewards, having a creator connect their server and other similar stuff; so it seems like a logical inverse from my outside perspective, but being outside, I don’t know everything that would be involved.

I don’t know what limitations would exist on this, and/or what user-bases would exist to draw from.

It could be restricted to

  • “users I am friends with on Discord”,
  • “users who own a server who I happen to be a member of”

I would imagine this being related to a feature request I have been following on Discord’s End.

Thank you for your time,
grifkuba (specifically tacopill under our group account)

I haven’t used that. Is there a page somewhere which makes these suggestions? Where do we find it?

Looks like this for me:

Curious to know if any adult content creators are found via that method or if they’re hidden there as they are in search results?

Thanks for the link. That is useful indeed.

Now that you mention it, I wonder as well.

You are welcome!

Also, the above topic on Discord has been merged into a Megathread!

Apparently, Patreon would need to reach out to Discord for them to add to the Profile details. :eyes: