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I recently installed Google Analytics to my Patreon through the integration (do it if you haven’t already!) and I’ve been tracking how my new social media plan has been affecting my traffic. It’s a bit soon to draw any real conclusions, but I’ve definitely been seeing an increase and that’s my main goal.

I sat down a couple weeks ago and put together an actual plan for social media. Before that I was posting regularly on Instagram, but not so much elsewhere. I would just post when I thought about it each day. So anyway, I decided that I would set aside one hour in the morning to:

  • Craft my IG post (which I save and publish around noon as that’s my optimal time)
  • Queue up a range of Twitter posts (a YouTube video, a photo, a Patreon teaser, etc) using Tweetdeck to publish throughout the day
  • Schedule two Facebook page posts
  • Spend some time engaging with other creators and my followers on each platform, answering messages, etc.

I also planned out what types of Instagram Stories is post so I wouldn’t just be randomly throwing stuff up.

It sounds like a lot, but I can get it all done in about an hour and then I’m not randomly posting throughout the day (other than the planned IG Stories and some planned engagement) and I find social media has become less of a time suck when I stick to the plan.

And I chose to do it daily because I create content often and can’t really plan more than a week or so ahead just due to the nature of how I create.

Anyway, I wanted to share my success and kind of open up for others to maybe share too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where do you all promote your Patreon/content/art/creations? Do you have a specific social media plan?

PS: I’m a NSFW creator who is mainly a model with an ASMR element in videos and I also show off indie brand lingerie and hosiery just to give you some context.


Hi @dekilah! Thank you so much for sharing this productive morning routine for planning out your social engagement. It is great to hear how you feel successful already in improving your time management/efficiency by sticking to the plan. Have you felt any impact on your follower or Patron count since making this change in your routine as well?

Developing a strong marketing strategy that works for you is very important to building your Patreon business, so I’m excited to hear your strategy and to learn about what other creators are having success with in response to this post. A few things I always recommend is:

  1. Simplify your marketing efforts by repurposing your content across all channels
  2. Invite your fans to join you on Patreon both formally and informally (a casual reference to your Patreon page or patron community in a story or post) throughout the week.
  3. Never underestimate the power of FOMO – teasing your Patron only content is a huge driver to get people interested in seeing what they are missing out on!

Keep us posted on how this routine continues to work out for you–and Happy Friday!


@CassidyC I just got a moment (and remembered) to respond. I read through what you suggested and realized what you suggested are also things I’ve learned are important too.

Although I may post different images on different days (I keep a library of a few images from each set to share), I usually share the same ones across channels. Sometimes it is the exact same image.

As for #2 sometimes I worry I mention it too much. I had one guy on YouTube who got so upset that I briefly mentioned it in each video that he stalked me from YouTube to Facebook to Patreon to tell me he wasn’t paying. And I suspect he’s the one who reported a bunch of my YouTube videos which didn’t do too much damage, but was stressful at the time. I think that left me cautious for a while, but I think he was just one bad apple. There are unfortunately guys like that who feel models shouldn’t be paid for what we do, that we should all be exhibitionists deriving pleasure from sharing our content for free. Anyway… I’m still promoting my booty off :wink:

And FOMO is big for me. I update monthly and the previous month’s content gets Archived, so I always do an end of the month push on that. And usually I get a handful of signups from that.

And as for an update… I can say that I had to stop for about a week due to health and family matters and boy did my stats drop! So it’s definitely working when I do it. I got back to it yesterday and I’m sure I’ll start seeing those numbers rise again. :wink:


It’s really helpful for you to share this stuff. A question: when you say your content gets “Archived”, how do you do that?

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I deliver most of my content through DropBox. Short Answer: I’ve created my own Archive folders with that and offer those as my higher tiers.

Longer Answer: My main things are a folder where I upload all my selfies (100s a month), a photo for the photoshoot galleries of the month (3 to 4 galleries of 30 to 50 photos each on average), and then videos I post individual DropBox links to. At the end of the month, I move the selfies folder to my Selfies Archive master folder, the galleries folders go in my Gallery Archive master folder, and the videos all get added to my Videos Archive folder. The Archives make up my higher tiers ($30 for the selfies and galleries and $40 for those plus the videos).

Oh and here’s the cool thing: you might think people would pledge for an archive one month then leave or drop to a lower tier. That’s not been my experience so far. Usually they might join at a lower tier and immediately upgrade. Then they just hang out at that higher tier. I’m not saying I don’t have some that just do one month, but my $30 is one of my most popular. Way more than even my $2 and $5. Anyway, that might be way too much info, but just in case somebody can benefit.


That all very good information, dekilah. Thank you for that. I’m currently using the Patreon integration with an project for a similar purpose, but it’s very interesting to hear about another method.

And I’m not surprised that those who upgrade keep their pledge. There are always some people who join just for the perks, but I think most really want to support a creator they believe in. It’s one of the really nice things about making your creative living on Patreon.