SOLVED BUG: where are the Tiers and Mailing Addresses?

Where are the mailing addresses found in the new Relationship Manager? What I’m looking at shows just a " - " where the tier level should be for each Patron, and no mailing address. Clicking the individual Patron opens up an info panel for them that says “No Tier” (which is clearly incorrect) and for contact info only an email. But these are people who have signed up for physical mailings, where to I find their mailing info now?

Thanks! (In the screencap below I edited out the Patron names/emails to protect their privacy)

When you click on a patron’s name in the new manager, in the side bar that pops up on the right, there’s an extra, blank line in the display of the patron’s address. It looks like



That blank line should be removed.


Looks like that blank line is filled in with an apartment number, if they have one. This is also confusing, because there’s no “Apt” or “Apartment” or anything printed there, just digits on their own line.

If you have the “Completion status” filter set to Incomplete, when you mark a patron in it as complete, they remain displayed, even though the filter is set to Incomplete and they are now Complete; in order to correct and update the list, the user then has to toggle the Completion Status filter to Complete, then back to Incomplete.

Ideally, if you have Completion status set to Incomplete, when you mark a patron Complete, they would automatically be filtered out of the visible patron list immediately.

I miss the “show addresses” button. I mail physical rewards every month and it was very convenient to have the option to view all patron’s shipping addresses on one page without having to click on each individual patron’s name or download CSV.

The only other place I can view addresses like this is on the benefits page but the benefits page wont let me choose which month to view.


When I click on a Patron to see their details, the box on the right shows up, and for a split second, I can see the Tier and the Patron’s Address, but then they are replaced by “No Tier” and there is no address visible.

I’m thinking I may need to clear a cache or something similar. I’ve tried a Ctrl-F5, but that doesn’t seem to help.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

On Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Windows desktop)


Yes, I’m getting that too. As soon as I click a patron in the list, their tier disappears and there’s no address.

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Same here!

Yep, yes, me too! Exactly the same problem, except the info panel never shows me the tier or address, even for a second.

Hello, thanks for alerting us to this! This issue was a bug and not intended as part of our changes to PRM. Our team quickly worked on a fix which has now been released. I can confirm that addresses and tiers are not disappearing for me any more, but please let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks to @John_Porcellino @smbhax @Leyendas_Legendarias @AndrewD @ArtwithFlo for the reports!


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