Some app bugs and community feedback

a) some of my patreons report to me when using patreon app it does not give them option to add pictures in the COMMUNITY post section. Only the Title and text. They have to use the web interface. Others report it works? any ideas on this

b) As a creator I just looked at the app. I cant seem to find where the community posts are at all. The app is very clunky and hard to understand.

c) I am trying to create an active community where we all talk and engage but the basic nature of the community post and the fact you can reply with pictures of emojjis. Its just a very dull blank canvas for all my patreons to talk and this hinders growth of the community like engaging with each other. I really think patron need to understand we want out community generate its own content and discussions like facebook groups, as this adds value to our patreons. but its VERY VERY hard to make it happen because of how bland it is??? can anything be done to make it more exciting, easier to dump pictures and movies much more dare I say it “facebook-esque”

thanks for reading my feedback, lots of love from the UK. patreon is fantastic and has helped me loads.

I’m not sure what’s intended, but in the app I can upload images to comments, while on desktop I can’t. Patrons complained about not having the option to upload images in the app, while on desktop they can.

It would be nice if everything worked the same across platforms.

I have also received some concerns about imgur links being blocked / marked as spam without a notification? Oh and any image I upload to a comment disappears when I view it on desktop.

@rover8200 you can find the community section in the app by going to Account > View profile > Community. Doesn’t solve the problems, but I hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

its awefull though isnt it. Your comment sums it up. Things like this need to work. And its been busted since day 1.