Some people can't access my Patreon page (video)

So over the past year of me using Patreon I’ve had various people comment and tell me that, for whatever reason, they can’t access my Patreon page. Now a user has finally sent me a video of it in action. He recorded this while using a VPN (after it not working normally), and it’s pretty weird. Has anyone else had people complain that their Patreon page won’t load for them?


Looks like the word “memberships” shouldn’t be there at the end of your url.

It should be:
patreon. com/therationalnational/

instead of
patreon. com/therationalnational/memberships/
(the latter give me the turning wheel of death too.)

Hope that works for you.

That “memberships” page looks to be a new one (confusingly, not served at all and not even visible if you are logged in). Maybe a new feature Patreon’s working on? I like the concept of it, though the execution obviously could use some work, and it seems a little odd that it’s live on the site given its not-ready-for-prime-time appearance.

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The video doesn’t work for me now, but I bet he’s having the same problem I am which is that the main page seems to be redirecting to a new memberships page by default.

Yea, I think it’s new too. I’ve actually noticed that since last week my main page when I enter the URL has been automatically redirected to (instead of the overview) every time. Wondering why that is.

I really need it fixed because I’m updating my entire page this week and plan on promoting it broadly.