Something like this forum should be added as a feature into our patreon pages!

i’m really enjoying the patreon community forum and i’m starting to wonder… why shouldn’t we have something like this available to our pledged patrons?! reddit and discord are fine, but it seems like something patreon uses to foster community and discussion for itself would be easily (and smartly) implemented into the wider patreon feature-set, no?

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There actually is an excellent integration for Discourse and Patreon (and Discourse and Wordpress for that matter).

It’s something I’m setting up for my patrons right now. :slight_smile:

(I’m self-hosting my Discourse install on a Digital Ocean droplet.)

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I actually had no idea what I was talking about. I’m gonna implement Discourse tonight!! thanks friend,

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Of course! :slight_smile:

And I’ve had good luck chatting with the plugin developers over at the Discourse main site, so if you run into any road blocks, be sure to check out the posts at It’s a good resource (and a good site to be a member at since it teaches you through osmosis the best practices for running a forum.)

Good luck!