Song previews for visitors to patreon page?

Hi all,
We’re putting together albums of the music of street performers, with a new album every month:

Of course, the albums are only available for people who donate $5/month. But, what’s the best way of letting people know how good the music is? I see the following possible options:

a) on our patreon homepage, putting up a video of one performer on each album
b) creating patreon blog posts for each album that are open to the public, with videos of each performer on the album

But there’s a third option – creating music “snippets” that people can click on to listen to the music that’s actually on the album. Does anyone know a way to do this on the Patreon website?

Thank you, and all advice is appreciated!


One thing you could do, seeing as you already have a YouTube channel, is to put samples of your music in a video.

Otherwise you can simply create an audio post. Click the “Post” button, then choose “Audio”, and you have the option of either posting a link to a file on an audio sharing platform like SoundCloud, or uploading an audio file directly to Patreon. Post it as a public post, and away you go.

If I were in that position I’d choose the best track from the album and release it in full, and try get album sales off the strength of that one song. A single, strongest pitch.

But I’m not in the music business so maybe that’s hooey; snippets-wise, maybe take 20-seconds of the chorus of each song and fade in/out, and upload that to YouTube. You could upload said mp3 to Patreon but it’s not a streaming service, they’d have to download to listen, so a much smaller uptake – so a YouTube video would work best imo.

Hi Rewboss, Oswreview,
Thanks for the advice. I’ve updated the page to include YouTube videos. And we’ll put the “click to get music” onto our YouTube Videos.

What do you think? Better?