Sort Posts in Oldest to Newest?

I’m an NSFW comic artist who updates her comics page by page on a weekly basis. Those who keep up to speed with my updates love it, but it seems like newcomers can’t get much into it - most probably because I have over 60+ pages on my blog and it is really, really difficult to navigate or even find the first page! Even worse if I have different issues or titles in the same blog. Yikes! Although different titles issue can be remedied by the tag system and having their labels placed on the quick tag menu (By the way, I feel like we really need more than 5 slots on there at this point), it is still quite problematic to having to go aaaaalll the way down to find page number one, and work your way back up from there.

It seems like Patreon’s current UX design does not create much leeway for a solution to this understandably unforeseen problem yet. Although I would love more functionality geared towards my specific content (an implemented Comic Viewer tool, being able to attach other posts to a post to daisy-chain them a la “Next Page” and “Last Page” without me manually having to edit all my posts over and over to include said links in the body, being able to upload multiple pictures in the same image post without me manually having to add them to the hypertext body of the post) the biggest, easiest and most multi-faceted solution to my problems seem to be the implementation of a button that just sorts the posts upside down in chronological order (while, yknow, not undoing the search tag filter the user is currently browsing). I’d imagine it’d help any patron browsing for any creator’s contents!

Keep up the good work.

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Doesn’t this list posts the way you’re describing?


Oh wow, I totally missed it. Thanks a lot, oops.

Granted, a lot of my patrons also seem to miss it because I get that complaint a lot. At least now I can tell them what to do in that situation. Meanwhile maybe this thread can still be considered for other implementations I mentioned.

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Thanks for providing help, @lisavollrath :smiley:

@cuisine I know the product team are actively thinking about how we can organize content better on Patreon but I’m happy to hear we have solved your biggest problem so far!