Special Offer Brainstorm

Hey Jeremy - Where do you order your pins from?

I’m going to use StickerMule. They’re having a deal for another day for 50 round buttons for $7. I’ve been pretty happy with their stickers, so think the buttons will be good too.

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I think we’re gonna go with two different rewards for different tiers. We have some enamel pins and stickers which we’re going to offer to new and upgrading $7 patrons and then we’re going to also include a copy of Dedeker’s book for new and upgrading $15 patrons.

Right now our most popular tiers are $5 and $9 so we’re hoping this will help build the other tiers and also incentivize existing patrons to upgrade their support.

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I have a question about setting up these limited time rewards.
@laurab How would we set it up so the limited time rewards are available to both new AND upgrading patrons? I realize we may have to keep track of this ourselves to a certain extent (to make sure someone is upgrading instead of downgrading, for example) but I’m specifically curious about things like asking for a shipping address.

For example, we don’t ask for addresses for any of our tiers right now. But for our limited time offers we want to send them something.

  1. If someone modifies their pledge from $5 to $7 during the special offer, will they be asked to provide an address?
  2. Do we manually need to add and then remove the part where it requests an address? Or is there a way to make that automatically go away when the limited-time offer expires?


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You make a great point!!! You helped me put a few things in perspective, I really appreciate your response. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have some of the same question.

I’m SO LATE to the party on this, but I’m catching up this weekend and need some help. If anyone sees this, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Here’s what I’m thinking of offering to all $5 patrons:

1) SPECIAL THANKS in the liner notes of my upcoming songbook (I’m a touring singer/songwriter). I’m going to put together a songbook with chords/lyrics and essays of 20 songs from my catalog (someday I’ll do a “complete works” but this is a start)
PRO: Easy to understand! And the songbook is going to look REALLY cool.
CON: Songbook won’t be out until February (I’m still working on the charts and my fave artist gets really backed up at Christmas)

PRO: People like getting stuff in the mail
CON: I feel a little weird about charging people (a lot) to receive correspondence from me. That’s just my personal hangup. Does anyone else feel this way? :joy:

3) ENAMEL PIN of my most popular shirt design, “Be Nice Dammit”
PRO: People love this design, and making it an exclusive pin that will ONLY be printed for $5 patrons would probably be pretty popular
CON: Could be expensive to fulfill, and I honestly have no idea how to get enamel pins printed. Thoughts?

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Hi Rebecca

Enamel pins can be pretty easy to get made, the trouble is that they become most cost-effective if you’re ordering them in bulk, at least 100-200. So you might want to rethink whether the pin is going to be exclusive to $5 forever. Pins would be awesome giveaways or items to sell on the road while touring, too. [obviously if you have hundreds of $5+ fans go for it)

Last time I printed enamel pins, my printer allowed me to do it in multiple colourways but count as the same order if it was the same design so I paid for a bulk order of 600 for 4 different colours of the same pin – you could do something like that where a particular version of the pin was just for Patrons – maybe even do a poll so that you pick the most popular colour that’s exclusive to them?

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Hi @multiamory and @nes10bul. We will definitely be streamlining this in the future, but for this run, you’ll need to go through and add address to the benefit tier of your Special Offer, as well as the tiers above. This article will walk you through the steps of adding address requests, and in the future it will be a less manual process. If someone upgrades, they will need to add their address. Thank you for you patience!

Here’s the reference: https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004857823-How-do-I-collect-my-patrons-shipping-addresses-

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Thanks! That’s a great point. I’m torn - part of me WANTS it to be exclusive to Patrons, so it’s like a secret special club. But I would like to be able to sell them later. And no, I don’t have a ton of $5+ patrons, about 70… Hopefully more someday though, obviously. I like the idea of getting different colors - perhaps the red one could be exclusive to patrons forever, and I could print a black/gold one that I sell as merch at shows?

Who was the printer you used that allowed you to print multiple colors towards the same offer? That’s an interesting solution…

The one I used is called Trend Corporate based in Melbourne – you’ll probably want to pick one closer to where you are or at least in the same country. But the enamel production methods would be a same so worth asking at least?

Thanks, Laura. So what about the question of patrons upgrading? If someone upgrades from a tier that does not require an address to one that does, will they be prompted to enter that info?

Yes they will!