Special Offer end time feedback

Hi Patreon staff,

I have some feedback about the Special Offer campaign set up.

As we are on charge up front, we could set the end date of our campaign. I had wanted to set it to the end of Sept 30th to tie in with the other creators offering Special Offers. However, I didn’t want it to end until the very end of the day. The option was to end at 11 pm on the 30th, or 12 am on the 1st.

I was happy putting 12 am, however when you set that then on the homepage it said: “Special Offer until October 1” To my mind if I read that I would assume I’d have the whole of the 1st October to sign up, when that wasn’t my intention at all. An option to set it to 11:59 pm would have sorted this problem out.


Looking back, I guess this isn’t too much of an issue given that many of our potential Patrons are in the US anyway, and this was all in British Time. Perhaps an option to end at midnight in the user’s local timezone would be nice, but I’ve no idea how that would work in practice.




Hi @TeamJemjie - thank you for the feedback! We will definitely fix this before the next round :slight_smile: