SPECIAL OFFER - Limited to number, not just time please!

Hi there!

I’ve just run a special offer which was great and I love the tracking on the benefits for this too.

HOWEVER! I am an artist and I would like to offer very small special offers where I can give away 5 original drawings (as an example) to the first 20 to sign up on the special offer. At the moment I can only have offers which are time sensitive, not something I am going to do with offering original art. Are you going to make it possible to do this? It seems like an obvious option when some of us might have very limited amounts of things or unique original things.

Thank you!


Hi @artbyemilyhare! thank you so much for making this request. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, so I appreciate you making a new thread to capture this desire. I’ve passed it onto to the team to consider as they continue to improve Special Offers.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you! This one would be particularly good for those of us who want to offer something really limited that a time restraint won’t help (as you can imagine getting a ‘free’ original would fly off the shelves even if it was up for only two days).


I really like this idea, Emily! I feel like I would utilize this too. (Also your art is a wonderful inspiration :heart:)


Thank you so much!

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I also really need this.