Special Offer not listed in benefits?

My Patreon page just wrapped up a special offer I was running and while I get a notice that the special offer has been completed, the benefits page still says ‘Waiting for eligible Patrons’ and hasn’t listed any of the patrons on the tiers who were eligible.
Is this a known bug? What can I do to get it solved so I can mail out the items to my patrons?

IIRC from the special offer I ran recently, it waited until the patrons’ next payments went through (which should be now-ish, since it’s the 1st) before adding them as eligible for the special offer benefit. I even had one who had the payment declined, and she wasn’t added to the list until her payment went through. So you shouldn’t have to do anything, other than wait.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Hey @Kiri, thanks for reaching out!

Special offers will be added to your benefit tracker at different times, depending on how your patrons are charged. Check out this article and scroll down to How would a Special Offer look on my page?

Hope this helps!

Hi @reyna!
Thank you for the article, my offer ended on the 30th of May so from what I understand on the article, it should have been added to the benefits list come the beginning of June? Or is it too close to June 1st in that case and won’t be added till July 1st?

Thank you!